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Event Management! Share your story and be heard.

Be a BrightSparker

Share your story and be heard.

We’re obsessed with taking your events to the next level.
At Bright Spark, anything is possible.
We don’t just run events.
We are The Ultimate Experience Agency.

Bright Spark is an events company organising live and virtual events across the UK for a wide range of clients.

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It Is not just about the venues and the production. A truly great delegate experience is in the enhancements. Even the small ones make a real difference! We create every part of the event, from branded collateral and signage to breakout activities and motivational speakers.

Some of our previous suggestions include the following:

  • Motivational speakers on secrets of success, self-belief and teamwork
  • Delegate Haka
  • Delegate interactive drumming
  • Motivational speaker and fire coal walking
  • Aerial circus class
  • Outside festival and team activities with overnight glamping

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The Bright Spark Foundation empowers people to become skilled and engaged citizens. We provide unique events and podcasts to tap into the inner powers they need and to give people the opportunities they deserve.

The values that guide our Mission – humanity, empathy, integrity, innovation, inclusiveness, impartiality, human rights, and effectiveness - are the same that we apply in our day-to-day work.

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